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  • done  Simplify communication with volunteers
  • done  Recruit and manage volunteers
  • done  Schedule volunteering opportunities
  • done  Easy and elegant event sign up views
  • done  Best in class management dashboard for events and volunteers

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VolunteerMark helps organizations work better.

Here's what they have to say...

"VolunteerMark better connects us with our volunteers and creates a positive volunteer experience. It also helps us efficiently manage volunteers' time and easily track hours"

-Nicole Gerken, The HALO Foundation

"We've measured our results, and with VolunteerMark, we've been able to show a savings of nearly 30 hours of staff time per month, which based on average salaries, equals about $600 per month. The savings are huge, but more importantly, we're giving our volunteers a better experience that makes it easy for them to work with us, so we can serve our RMHC-KC families even better."

-Tara Adler, RMHC-KC

Life is too short for cumbersome volunteer systems.

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