VolunteerMark Affiliate Program

Partnering with VolunteerMark’s Affiliate Program allows you to get paid helping nonprofits find cost-effective volunteer management tools. Simply refer customers to VolunteerMark software solutions, and earn money every time a referral converts to a sale.

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What is VolunteerMark?

VolunteerMark is an online volunteer software program that helps organizations manage their volunteers and events. We offer one free and three paid plans that provide organizations volunteer recruiting, communication and reporting tools.

Frequently asked questions
How does VolunteerMark's Affiliate Program work?

VolunteerMark's Affiliate Program allows you to earn a commission every time your referral, sent to VolunteerMark from your unique affiliate link, converts into a sale.

What is the commission that I will receive and how?

Once a referral has signed up for a pricing plan, you are entitled to 10% of the amount paid to VolunteerMark. Your commission will be paid out every month on a pro-rata basis as long as the referral is a member.

Am I required to be a VolunteerMark customer to participate in the Affiliate Program?

While it would be fantastic if you were a part of the VolunteerMark family, that's not a requirement of the program.

Can existing VolunteerMark customers be Affiliates?

Yes. You may refer organizations such as yours and help them become one of us.

Does it cost anything to be an Affiliate?

Joining VolunteerMark's Affiliate Program is completely free, and there are no minimum sales or referrals to earn a commission.

How do I promote VolunteerMark?

The number of ways to promote VolunteerMark is limited only by your creativity. Some of the most effective ways are to:

  • Write a blog relevant to volunteer management and organically incorporate the links within the blog.
  • Share the blog on social media sites.
  • Share the blog via email to your subscribers.
  • Offer a low-cost promotion that encourages social media shares of the posts with affiliate links.
  • Create a static link to VolunteerMark on your tool bar.

How do I sign up?

You may complete this form to get started. We'll reach out to you very shortly.

If the VolunteerMark referral withdraws their subscription, will my commission be revoked?

The commission for affiliates is paid on a pro rata basis. If the referral withdraws their subscription in between, the commission will also cease.

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